World Cup Stage 2 and the USA

I hate to say it, but since Italy beat Ghana in our Group E...its not looking good. Italy and the Czech Rep. were picked to come out of Group E and I now think they are right. After just one game, the USA is in dead last of Group E because they got be 0-3 and Ghana is just above us due to their 0-2 loss. If we beat Italy and Ghana then we have a 'chance', we shall see.

Other notes...
I am so excited about the U.S. Open Golf Championship that I can't stand it.
Every year my best buddy Peez and I pick a player (outside the top 5 World Ranking)
This year he picked Chad Cambell and I picked Stewart Cink.
We shall see...stay posted.

I also have to say that 'Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol is a beautiful song.
It will be a HUGE hit I think.


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