The US Open, Phil and Johnny Miller

We all know what happened to Phil and it was painful to watch, but several other guys did the same thing. My hat is off to Geoff Ogilvy for playing the last 4 holes at even par and winning the Open. My hat is not off to Phil, Monte, Furyk and Padraig. These guys just let the pressure and the tough course get the better of them. Monte was in perfect position on 18 after a birdie at 17, then missed the green in the worst spot from 170 yds. Furyk missed a 3' putt to send him into a playoff on the final hole. Phil and Padraig played the last 4 holes at +3, while Geoff did it at even par.

I really wish Phil would have one this one because it truly would have put him on a new pedestal near Tiger. Now, however, he is going to have this monkey on his back coming down the stretch of any future major and that will be perhaps tougher than his first monkey :)

I would like to take some time to express my best friend Matt and I's disgust for Johnny Miller as a commentator. He is a cocky, know-it-all, washed-up, has-been jerk. I didn't watch golf in the 70's and I am glad I missed it. I know he has one some big ones, but let it go man. He talks about himself more than the players on the course and it makes me sick. As Phil was messing up the final hole, Johnny Miller said, "Ben Hogan must be turning over in his grave right now." Well Johnny, you have no idea what it is like to be Ben Hogan, nor can you speak for him. He was a true legend and an amazing story of coming back after a tragic accident and you are whiny glory-day washout. Whew...sorry about that.

Anyway, here are some comments from my buddy Matt:

"If I had to listen to Johnny Miller say one more time about how Phil blew it, should not have used the driver, blah, blah, blah......the guy is Venturi re-incarnated. But WORSE!"

"I almost dread when a big tourney like this is on NBC. Give me Nantz and the somewhat more tolerable Lanny on CBS. Miller keeps trying to resurrect his glory years (he spent a couple of minutes yesterday talking about how in 1974 he knew he was the best player in the world, was much better than Jack, and Winged Foot was not a true measure of who the best player was) -- well if you were so good buddy, why are you not out there on the Champions Tour? Or if you think you're THAT good, try playing in a PGA event once in a while. At least McCord gets out on the Champions circuit every once in a while. Maybe I should start my own blog -- I could go on for hours about this topic."

*and yes Matt, you should start blogging!


Anonymous said…
KJ, I love ya' brotha', but I have to disagree with you on some of that post...

1.) Johnny's not bad - Really. He's bluntly honest (yes), and does talk about when he played in the '70's but talks more about the guys he played against than himself. (Because I agree with him that the quality of ball-strikers and all-around golfers was better in the 60's & 70's.) I think he's pretty much spot-on about everything he calls. Besides that, most of America must like him too because the big networks are looking to pay him a PHAT contract right now, including CBS for the Masters. (Because rumor has it that Lanny is wearing thin with CBS. Which is good because he's the WORST.) Give me Faldo, Zinger and Miller anyday over sleepy Nance and idiot Lanny.

2.) Phil... I like the guy, but he IS an idiot. How do you make that shot selection with a one-shot lead instead of punching out into the fairway? He's SO GOOD with his wedges that even if he punches out into the fairway he still makes par at least 60% of the time. And where the hell was bones? Bones should have helped Phil make a better decision, as he helps Phil on just about every single shot. (And Bones said later, "Phil wasn't playing for the tie." Nice; so go-for-broke instead of at WORST giving yourself an 18-hole playoff on Monday.) That's why Tigger is SO good down the stretch and why Phil is nowhere near the leve of Tigger yet. Tigger makes great decisions and has never lost a tourney when he's leading. His mental game is his strength. So, regardless of Phil's wayward drive on 18, it was his choice on the second shot that did him in. However, when you hit 2 of 14 fairways on Sunday at the Open, you probably don't deserve to win anyway... Jean Claude van de Lefty. It was painful to watch, yes - But I can't feel sorry for him.

I do agree on your props to Geoff Ovaltine - Guy definitely is my choice for POY thus far. Victories at the Match Play & US Open. ROCK SOLID.