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Microsoft Money

Now that I am married and all that, it is time to get serious about financial planning. Therefore, I downloaded the 90-day trial of Microsoft Money Deluxe ($30). I simply have to say that I am already amazed. I honestly didn't know that these programs can link up to all of your accounts via the web. I first put in my main checking account info and my web login on their site. As I put it into Money, it automatically downloaded my transactions over the last 60 days and managed to put 50% into the proper category. I love the interface and how easy it is. I continued to put in all my credit cards, my 1st and 2nd mortgage and my investments. I highly recommend it.

Transferring Outlook Data

Tim showed me how to use the Microsoft 'Save My Office Settings' tool, which worked like a champ as I was setting up my new machine. So if you want to have the same settings, toolbar locations, rules, etc. on a different machine...just go to Microsoft Office Tools->Save My Settings. Then transfer that file (*.OPS) to the new machine and load it the same way, very nice. Now to Outlook... I wanted to transfer all of my outlook data to the new machine also, which required messing with the infamous 'outlook.pst' file. This file can be found at "C:\Documents and Settings\Kyle Archer\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\". I found out that PST stands for 'Personal Store' according to Microsoft. Anyway, this monster file contains all your emails, events, contacts, notes, etc. It can get quite large and mine was appraoching a Gig. Even when you clean out your junk mail, delete stuff then remove your 'Deleted Items', it doesn't do m

My New Dell Inspiron 6400

I have to say that I am quite please with this new bad boy so far. Tim took this pic of me just as the box arrived. It has a Intel Centrino Duo (2GHz), 15.4" Ultrasharp SXGA+ with TrueLife, 2 GB RAM, SD slot, DVD R/W and a 256MB Nvidia Video Card. I also got a Soundblaster Audigy card that sounds amazing.

When the Levees Broke

We watched Spike Lee's new documentary (When the Levees Broke) about Hurricane Katrina on HBO tonight. Part 2 is on Tuesday, so check it out if you can. I have several emotions and things to say about it, but I know I can say this, "You should all see it." It is very racially presented, which is in part most likely true, its just SO SO hard for me to see it. I see it as a great tragedy that I am saddened and ashamed of. This film showed me things that I had never seen before regarding the disaster. I think, like me, most people stopped watching after the media stopped covering it, but there was much much more that happened afterwards and I suspect is still happening. The thing that I cannot believe was the conflict between Mayor Nagin (aka Drew Gooden:) and the Governor of Louisiana. They had political differences that may have led to this debacle. George Bush should have stepped in earlier for sure and he is obviously portrayed in this film as a smiling goofball. My que

My Computer Is Dragging

I have been a proud owner of a Dell Inspiron 5150 for almost 3 years. It has been very good to me, but after many years of abuse and one is time to go. This machine has been grinding the hardrive for quite some time. I have just dealt with it, but when I go to office.update, I receive the below error. My issues are (I believe) these missing MSP files... Microsoft had some choices for solutions, but I chose to get a new computer.... Office Update is unable to check for updates Help The Office Update site is unable to check for updates on this computer. This may be happening because of one of the following reasons: You do not have administrative privileges for this computer. There is a network problem and the detection catalog used by the Office Update site failed to download. Go back to the Downloads home page and try running detection again. Windows Installer patch files (.MSP files) from previously applied Office updates are missing from the \Windows\Installer hidden dire

New Dell Laptop

Every computer I have had professionally with EnGraph has been a Dell . Considering their recent battery issues....I still love them. I just ordered a new laptop (Inspiron 6400 - pictured here) and I got a call from a sales rep confirming my order. This was a first for me, he was from Oklahoma and we talked about all kinds of things. He of course wanted to upgrade me, but that soon went by the wasteside as we talked. He was nice and friendly and I just have to give some kudos to Dell for this type of the 'customer experience'. GO DELL!

World Trade Center

I am ready to see this movie about the TRUE story of 2 policeman who went to save people in the disaster and got trapped. Contrary to how Tim feels, I think it is good to revisit what pains us and then learn from it.

Rockstar Supernova

I just have to say that one performance on this show ( Rockstar Supernova ) was incredible. His song choice was from Radiohead and their music has always amazed me. Magni said it best, "This song shaped our generation." RADIOHEAD - CREEP I couldn't agree more.