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Windows DreamScene Content

Here is a pic of my new desktop in Vista...and yes it moves and is kinda cool.

Tim Turns 28

It is Tim's golden birthday tomorrow and I thought I would honor him with this picture I snagged on Friday.  Happy bday dog!

EnGraph On The Road Again

I am currently in Grand Rapids, MI, where tomorrow I will visit  EnGraph's very first ParaPlan client, the American Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids .  In 1999 they were in search of Paratransit Scheduling software to support their transportation service and Carl came across their RFP.  I had recently left Burns & McDonnell as a structural engineer to help make EnGraph a reality. After I started at EnGraph, we eventually decided to build our OWN application around our scheduling SDK's for MapInfo (in lieu of ostensibly selling them as 'tools' for other developers, etc.).  The initial ParaPlan workflow was based on Carl's initial proposal and input from the Red Cross in Grand Rapids.  I used this input from various sources to create ParaPlan 1.0, which debuted in the summer of 2000.  I had built small applications at KU and for my thesis, but this was my first commercial application built entirely by me and it still exists to this day!  40+ installations late

Yahoo! Reader

The new has some cool features like this Reader that pops up on any subscribed post that is in 'full-text'. I guess I missed an April post, oh well.