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EnGraph To Attend n4a This Summer

Thanks to Pamela Pedrick, Executive Director of Salem County Office on Aging, EnGraph will be at the n4a Conference and Tradeshow this July in San Francisco.  This national conference will be a fantastic opportunity to meet potential clients and promote the EnGraph brand. Pam is also working hard to host a session where representatives from this entire project present a case study for attendees at the conference.  This proposed session will be a detailed presentation of the individual technologies that made her vision a reality.  This technologies include: ATTI's GPS Hardware EnGraph's GPS Manager Software EnGraph's ParaPlan Pro EnGraph's GPS Control Room Teleminder Automated Communication Representatives from EnGraph , Teleminder, Pam, Sherri, and Mike from the Salem County IT Department are planned to present.  We are very excited to participate in this session! Here is a picture I took last week at the Salem County Specialized Transportation office in Sal

NJ Client Visit

Tim and I just got back from visiting our clients in Salem, NJ.  They are using ParaPlan Pro GPS and we went there to upgrade their system and train them on our new software features.  The GPS hardware selected for this solution is from ATTI .  They have an interesting architecture where they have 5 remote sites that collect GPS data from 24 vehicles every 3 seconds, then send that information from each site to their central server.  How does this happen you ask? This solution is made possible by 3 products:  EnGraph GPS Manager Client EnGraph GPS Manager Server EnGraph GPS Control Room These applications monitor, collect, parse and organize GPS data from each remote site where the data is provided to the end user in our GPS Control Room application at the main office.  This architecture was developed by Tim Hibbard to work as a stand-alone product or with ParaPlan Pro .  Control Room can be used with ParaPlan to automatically determine actual client pick up and drop off times.

KU Skin For My Dell Laptop

I dont think I have yet to show off my new skin that came from Dell.  When I ordered this laptop, one of the many options on the list was to 'Participate in their new skin promotion'.  So I clicked YES of course.  Anyway, it was a tad convoluded because I received the laptop, then several days later got an email telling me how to select my skin.  Needless to say, after a semi-painful experience I got to the site where I could select and order my skin.  They did not have many to choose from, but they did have Rock Chalk! Note:  This is a Jayhawk, not a parrot.

LiveWriter and Flickr

Picture upload test from Flickr and LiveWriter. Allie and Tim during the Crawl For Cancer 9 in Westport.

NJ ParaPlan GPS Client Visit

Tim and I are traveling to Salem, NJ this week to update their ParaPlan GPS and Control Room software. Cool things are happening for EnGraph this fall, Tim talks about a few here . Our clients have a unique architecture where they have 5 remote sites continually pushing GPS data to the central server. All of this is done using EnGraph's GPS Client/Server software. Watch us head east on Where's Tim of course.

New EnGraph Job Posting

We are actively searching for a new 'self-starting' software engineer to join our amazing team. Don't miss this chance to start working with myself, David, and the world famous Tim Hibbard . We are looking for someone with 1-3 years experience with Microsoft operating systems, and Microsoft development products (including, but not limited to: VB.NET, C#, C++, SQL Server, ASMX and ASPX). If you are excited about working with a team of outstanding individuals and joining them to lead EnGraph to the top, then please contact... Kyle Archer at (816) 665-3343 or .

EnGraph Loves Arkansas Transit

Carl and I attended the Arkansas Transit Conference last week and had a great time. Not only were we very busy talking to our existing clients, but many potential ParaPlan users drilled us with questions for two days. This show marks EnGraph's 5th year of attendance at one of our favorite state transit conferences. Thanks Arkansas!