NJ Client Visit

Tim and I just got back from visiting our clients in Salem, NJ.  They are using ParaPlan Pro GPS and we went there to upgrade their system and train them on our new software features.  The GPS hardware selected for this solution is from ATTI.  They have an interesting architecture where they have 5 remote sites that collect GPS data from 24 vehicles every 3 seconds, then send that information from each site to their central server.  How does this happen you ask?

This solution is made possible by 3 products: 

These applications monitor, collect, parse and organize GPS data from each remote site where the data is provided to the end user in our GPS Control Room application at the main office.  This architecture was developed by Tim Hibbard to work as a stand-alone product or with ParaPlan Pro.  Control Room can be used with ParaPlan to automatically determine actual client pick up and drop off times.  This ability is crucial for organizations like SCST, where having this kind of information is invaluable.  From this timestamp data, we can provide on-time performance reports for each driver and use actual drivetimes to better estimate planned drivetimes with ParaPlan.  From the GPS data, we can also determine the vehicle's mileage for each planned stop it makes. 

With this GPS information and data from ParaPlan Pro, EnGraph can automatically generate the New Jersey Transit Quarterly Program/Vehicle Usage Reports at the push of a button.  We can also provide the NJ State Deadhead and Live Miles reports.  Using ParaPlan Pro GPS, we can determine multiple types of defined 'deadhead', along with variations of Live miles reporting.  For New Jersey, live miles are divided equally between clients of different funding sources when the ride is shared.

Anyway, my point is the following...EnGraph's ParaPlan Pro GPS generates complex ridership reports in seconds compared to potentially inaccurate results that previously took weeks to prepare.