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Showing posts from November, 2005

EnGraph's StudentTran Featured

Our premier school bus route management software was featured in School Bus Fleet Magazine in their November 2005 issue. I'd like to give a special thanks to Thomas McMahon from Bobit Business Media for their help. StudentTran is our MapInfo application built to support the management of students, school bus stops, and school bus routes. The system automatically assigns students to the nearest bus stop or school, based on user-defined criteria. Generate morning and afternoon school bus routes using paths and times generated by our sophisticated routing engine. With StudentTran, our clients have optimized their services and removed over 50 school bus routes saving taxpayers over $200M a year.

EnGraph's GPS Software

Just wanted to make sure everyone is checking out what Tim is doing with GPS technology . Where's Tim is really taking off and is getting better every day. Tim has added a weblog, messaging and driving directions to the site. I did help him a little bit to get started using lat/longs and everything, but he has just taken to a different world. Once tracking history and geofencing is done, this thing will sell itself. EnGraph can quickly provide Where's Tim technology to your entire mobile fleet at a low cost.

Google Videos

Video 1 - Soccer Juggling link I found this on Ramsey's " Across The Board " Blog. He lives in KCMO and went to KU like me. Amazing juggling display. (Umm...not dribbling as the site says.) Video 2 - Backstreet Cover link My friend Susan sent me this one...2 Asian students terrin' up the Backstreet Boys while their buddy plays XBOX the whole time in the background.