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Evernote for Windows Tips

I significantly improved the speed of Evernote 5 for Windows 8.1 by turning off 'Related Notes'.  I never really understood this feature anyway.  To turn it off - goto the View Menu and uncheck 'Show Related Notes'.  This will allow your notes to load immediately. Also on the View Menu, goto 'Left-Panel' and turn off the Atlas, Market and Announcements.  I follow them in Feedly, so I don't need it here. Sent from Evernote

My latest Windows 8.1 thoughts...

I've been using Windows 8 for over a year...and...I do like Windows 8.1, Desktop Mode is fast and clean looking.  I am trying to limit the amount of Windows applications I install - at this point I have only installed 4:  Chrome, Evernote, Skitch and ParaPlan (see below).  SkyDrive integration comes out of the box, so I use it.  SkyDrive is awesome in my opinion and I have 25GB of space too.  Since I don't have Office, I now have two choices for viewing/editing spreadsheets: Google Sheets or SkyDrive's Excel Web App.  The Excel Web App has more functions I need like CLEAN( ), but both work great.  I have everything in the cloud using Google Drive, SkyDrive, DropBox and Evernote.  Each has there own place for what I use them for.  I dumped Microsoft Word a while back since Google Docs now handles images, tables and WYSIWYG better.  I also use the Google Launcher instead of my Start button... Now for the Start Screen -  I hate it and never use it .  I have tried to i

New Gmail - Attachment Choices!

I like the new choices for attached office docs in Gmail.  You can now visually select whether to a) Download, b) Save to Drive or c) Edit with gSheets Sent from Evernote

Stopping Evernote's 'Predictive Notes'

I want to turn off the Evernote feature that automatically adds a new note title in iOS based on my calendar.  This feature is called 'predictive note titles'.  So I googled "how do i stop predictive note titles in evernote".  However, once I typed in 'how do i stop' - Google auto-fill options made me lol...see pic: Currently there is no way to turn this (predictive note titles) off as I have found, so I have submitted it to Evernote and will post my findings later here. I just found it!  You can turn off automatic note titles in Settings. Tap your name/email address on the home screen, scroll to Note Editor and then toggle off "Suggested Note Titles". Sent from Evernote