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Installing Business Contact Manager...

Can't be done. Just kidding. I am sure it can, but I gave up. The Microsoft Business Contact Manager is a COM Add-In for Outlook 2003. I used the original BCM for a while in the summer of 2004 and I kinda liked it. It is a nice way to manage your customers and your correspondence with them. However, Tim had built some add-ins for Outlook also and they conflicted with BCM and BCM uses MSDE and was fairly slow. The Beta 2.0 Framework also caused it to barf often, so I uninstalled it. Anyway, Microsoft has recently released an update to the BCM so I figured I would give it a try to see the new features and hoped it was faster. Here is what happened... Downloaded the BCM update and installed it. Seemed to go pretty smooth until I restarted Outlook. The BCM wizard took me through creating a new database etc. Then, Outlook started and I could not see the BCM add-in anywhere, so I shut down Outlook and restarted it. I think my Google search in Outlook conflicted with it somehow

Tim Hibbard Podcast

Tim was recently featured on the latest podcast on GeeksWithBlogs . He was selected because of his work with EnGraph , .NET, GPS and the international popularity of Where's Tim . GeeksWithBlogs is where Tim hosts his blog and was started by Jeff Julian right here in Kansas City. They have over 700 bloggers and have become a leading technology reference. To listen to the show click here and Tim talks about it here .