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Coldplay in KC 08

The show was truly amazing for me and Allie. Me, Allie, Crash and BC hit the Sprint Center for Coldplay 08!  They put on a great show across the board, but a sweet moment occurred when they ran up into the croud just 6 rows from me and Allie.... they played 'The Scientist'...which was our first dance at our wedding.  It was so so cool... Sorry about the pic quality...but whatever.

Election 2008...Obama v. McCain

I generally agree with every Republican philosophy, but I no longer have faith that they can properly deliver it to us.  That is pretty much all I need to say on that.  This election is historic and exciting...I voted early and here is a pic of the voter line in Johnson County, KS one day before the election...

A Moment To Post...

I missed October somehow, but a lot has been going on.  Allie is pregnant!... and I will have some sweet ultrasound pics in 3 weeks.  We are due on April 16 09.  I also went to the Arkansas Transit trade show by myself for the first time in Little Rock, AR.  It was an awesome experience for me because I was the only software vendor at the show and I am also good friends with the regulars.  Here is a pic of me and Russ Parish of the ATA.... Russ and I became friends back in 2001, when Carl and I first attended the Arkansas Transit Show.  Russ is a trainer for the ATA and drives his state daily to visit transit sites and train their clients on everything from drug and alcohol testing to wheelchair tie-down instruction.  He received a national award from the FTA for his service this year too!  very cool We also had a ParaPlan Pro  install at Sheridan MiniBus in Sheridan, WY!