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EnGraph On The Road

We have been traveling much this summer.  I am currently in Philadelphia where I plan to visit Pennsylvania Transit Company .  PTC operates as a provider for LogistiCare where they download almost 1,000 trips everyday from the LGTC website and then import them to ParaPlan. Carl and I recently visited MEOC Transit in Big Stone Gap, VA... MEOC has been using ParaPlan Pro SQL since July 2. On July 16-18, we installed ParaPlan Lite at Georgetown Senior Center in Jenison, MI.  This was our first Vista install... At GSC we had a strange issue involving multi-user Access 2000 formatted databases and Vista.  Tim did some Googling and found a rare fix from Microsoft for this exact problem! After our install at GSC, I drove up to Traverse City on Wednesday to see one of our largest clients, Bay Area Transportation Authority ( BATA )... BATA has 60 Paratransit vehicles that they schedule in real-time using ParaPlan Pro!  Their operations director, Don Scharmen, then took me out to

File Sharing Lock Count Exceeded

When processing large transactions within a Microsoft 'split-database' application, you may receive the above error.  The MS 'split-db' in Access is not a true client-server solution, it is a file-server solution that can lead to this error/issue. To avoid this issue you need to manually change a registry setting for MS Jet 4.0.  Set the value to at least 1,000,000,000 and follow the Method 1 instructions linked to here:

EnGaging Posts Coming Soon!!!

I have been extremely busy personally and professional this summer and posting got shelved for a while.  EnGraph has had some new installs and Tim has been cranking away furiously on Goldstar.  David and Jonathan have also released our Beta version of our new engineering/detailing software.  Anyway, here are some posts that are coming soon from yours truly: ParaPlan Install at MEOC Transit Google Reader and Other Cool Things Top 5 Reasons Why Tim Hasn't Blogged in Over a Month LinkindIn The Google Story and David Vise Microsoft Blend, XAML, WPF and .NET 3.0 The Evolution of Goldstar Preparing My House For Selling Our Vacation Anniversary to Phoenix Upcoming Install at Georgetown Senior Center Fine-tuning ParaPlan GPS at Salem County So please come back and check my blog out later this week!