EnGaging Posts Coming Soon!!!

I have been extremely busy personally and professional this summer and posting got shelved for a while.  EnGraph has had some new installs and Tim has been cranking away furiously on Goldstar.  David and Jonathan have also released our Beta version of our new engineering/detailing software.  Anyway, here are some posts that are coming soon from yours truly:

  • ParaPlan Install at MEOC Transit
  • Google Reader and Other Cool Things
  • Top 5 Reasons Why Tim Hasn't Blogged in Over a Month
  • LinkindIn
  • The Google Story and David Vise
  • Microsoft Blend, XAML, WPF and .NET 3.0
  • The Evolution of Goldstar
  • Preparing My House For Selling
  • Our Vacation Anniversary to Phoenix
  • Upcoming Install at Georgetown Senior Center
  • Fine-tuning ParaPlan GPS at Salem County

So please come back and check my blog out later this week!


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