EnGraph On The Road

We have been traveling much this summer.  I am currently in Philadelphia where I plan to visit Pennsylvania Transit Company.  PTC operates as a provider for LogistiCare where they download almost 1,000 trips everyday from the LGTC website and then import them to ParaPlan.

Carl and I recently visited MEOC Transit in Big Stone Gap, VA...


MEOC has been using ParaPlan Pro SQL since July 2.

On July 16-18, we installed ParaPlan Lite at Georgetown Senior Center in Jenison, MI.  This was our first Vista install...

Georgetown Senior Center

At GSC we had a strange issue involving multi-user Access 2000 formatted databases and Vista.  Tim did some Googling and found a rare fix from Microsoft for this exact problem!

After our install at GSC, I drove up to Traverse City on Wednesday to see one of our largest clients, Bay Area Transportation Authority (BATA)...


BATA has 60 Paratransit vehicles that they schedule in real-time using ParaPlan Pro!  Their operations director, Don Scharmen, then took me out to Sleeping Bear National Shoreline on Lake Michigan.

I then went to visit our very first ParaPlan clients at the American Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids.  Here is a pic of me and Tony Slaughter, our very first ParaPlan user...

Tony Slaughter at ARC

Tomorrow, I will be picking up Tim at PHL and then we are headed to Salem County Specialized Transportation in New Jersey.  We are visiting them all week to troubleshoot a few problem GPS units that are in use with ParaPlan Pro.  They operate transportation service our of 5 satellite offices.

I will return to the office on August 1.


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