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Showing posts from May, 2012

New ParaPlan Route Verify Feature Highlighted at CTAA

We are pleased to announce the release of a powerful new scheduling feature for ParaPlan.  Our new ParaPlan Verify feature allows users to fine-tune existing schedules.  Users can adjust stop orders, times and maximize ride sharing using EASE, our advanced scheduling engine. Come see this awesome new feature in action at the CTAA EXPO 2012!  link

ZeroPC is Everything I Always Wanted

ZeroPC is an app I found for Chrome and I love it!  It lets me turn my browser into a simple desktop and let me access all of my online files like a normal computer!  The iPad app is fabulous too! ONLINE STORAGE CLOUD allows me to access all of my services here the same way... 1. dropbox 2. box 3. amazon cloud drive 4. skydrive 5. google drive 6. sugarsync 7.  picasa, google docs, flickr, evernote, twitter and facebook too!