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intraVnews for Microsoft Outlook

Tim gave me some new blogs to read today and I have always wanted an RSS reader inside of Outlook. I did a little googlin and read that intraVnews by FutureGlue was the best. So I gave it a whirl and I really like it. The free version may have a 10 feed limit, but I have more than 10 already. "intraVnews is a state of the art news aggregator that turns Microsoft Outlook into a news reader."

LiveWave Gets Where's Tim

LiveWave recently hired EnGraph (well I guess Tim Hibbard ) to set up a real-time GPS tracking website like Where's Tim . Tim rolled this project out over the weekend and has even added their dynamic cameras to the site. See the site live at at . We are very proud of Tim and excited about this collaboration of technolgies he can bring to our new and existing clients.

Latest EnGraph Install in Jonesboro

Carl and I visited the City Of Jonesboro Arkansas Transit last week to install 2 EnGraph transportation software products; ParaPlan Lite and RiderTrac . These products support the management of paratransit and fixed route transportation services, respectively. Jonesboro (a town of 70,000) does not yet have public transportation, but they are starting brand new service on May 4, 2006. EnGraph was a crucial piece in getting this endeavor accomplished. I really like how both Carl and I can offer more than software now. We have been to over 35 different transportation providers since 1999 and we can now provide sound advice and recommendations regarding the service they provide. The Director of Transportation, Joel Edwards, is coordinating every aspect of the project, from Advertising to driver training. Joel has been on the forefront of several local papers and news stations, read about it here . They procured 5 Ford E-450's from Ward Transportation and they are naming the new sy

Kyle's Bachelor Party

My amazing friends took me to Tan-Tar-A at Lake Ozark, MO for a perfect bachelor party. It was so nice getting the gang back together and letting my old school buds meet my new ones. Great golf, great beer, great friends, great shots, great! Loved it. Thanks P and Okie. Here are the attendees and their company webs, keep checking these sites because their names will be next to CEO or CTO soon (if not already)... Craig Archer Bryan Breckenridge Aaron Butler Brian Cloughley Brian Della Tom Graham Tim Hibbard Braden Hopkins Matt Prentis Geoff Young *The above clan could run a small country well. Breckie not pictured above so please go to for more pics.