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Kyle's Bachelor Party

My amazing friends took me to Tan-Tar-A at Lake Ozark, MO for a perfect bachelor party. It was so nice getting the gang back together and letting my old school buds meet my new ones.

Great golf, great beer, great friends, great shots, great!

Loved it. Thanks P and Okie.

Here are the attendees and their company webs, keep checking these sites because their names will be next to CEO or CTO soon (if not already)...

Craig Archer
Bryan Breckenridge
Aaron Butler
Brian Cloughley
Brian Della
Tom Graham
Tim Hibbard
Braden Hopkins
Matt Prentis
Geoff Young

*The above clan could run a small country well.

Breckie not pictured above so please go to for more pics.


Anonymous said…
Tell Geoff Hi for me. Robin :)
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