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Showing posts from March, 2008

New ParaPlan Pro Install

Carl and I are headed to Cincinnati, OH today for a ParaPlan Pro install at Inclusive Solutions.  Visit their website here . My beloved Jayhawks play for the Big 12 Tourney title at 2pm today.  Carl booked our flights and we take off at 2:05 pm today :(  I guess we know who is the true fan.  Ha ha.  GO HAWKS! Stay tuned for more information on our week-long business trip.

Introducing Tim & Chelsea Hibbard!

They actually did it!  They tied the knot at the Isle of Palms in South Carolina last weekend.  Allie and I had a wonderful time with them, their families and friends.  They had a few obstacles pop up while pulling this thing off, but all worked without a hitch and they had a beautiful wedding. The wedding party: Matt, Allen, KJ, Tim, Chelsea, Rachel, Jody and Robin More pics here: ...and more coming soon!

Tim Joins The Rest of Us

Allie and I are flying to Charleston, SC tomorrow for Tim and Chelsea's wonderful wedding on the beach!  We are fired up and so happy for them.  I am so proud to be his Best Man.  Here is their wedding website: Pics coming soon!