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Showing posts from March, 2007

Flash Installed But Not Working

I really like the new MS Virtual Earth Radar on , it is much better than its predecessor.  Anyway, it suddenly stopped working and kept prompting me to install Flash , then I would hit the link, install etc., and Adobe reported that Flash 9 was successfully installed...However, the radar still didn't show up and some other interactive real estate sites were not either. This seemed to start happening after I switched to the very cool and new Beta, but I do not think that caused it.  I am also running Vista with IE 7 of course. So I started Googling around and found out that other people had the same issue.  The solution is to unistall flash and then re-install it.  This is something I should have done, but didn' I thought I would share this with everybody. To uninstall Flash you must use their uninstall executable which can be found here .  Good Luck!

Flickr Plug-In for LiveWriter

Tim installed LiveWriter and the Flickr Plug-In for me back when I was an XP slave.  Now that I am in Vista, I needed that plug-in so I googled around for it, but actually had a problem finding the actual download site, so I thought I would put the link in a post so here it is:  Flickr4Writer

Honda Turns a Hundy

I bought my little Honda Civic brand new back in 1998.  I paid it off in 2002 and it was the first brand new car I ever had.  I just turned over 100,000 the other weekend and here is a pic of course :)