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Showing posts from May, 2008

EnGraph On The Road Again

I just arrived in Kennett Square, PA where I will be upgrading Kendal-Crosslands Communities from ParaPlan Lite Access to ParaPlan Lite SQL.  I am excited to finally meet Steve Cooper, the director of KCC, because he has been a ParaPlan user since 2004.  His recommendations and testing of our system has been invaluable to me.  I am really looking forward to the two of us bouncing around ParaPlan ideas this week. Carl and Anne are currently in Oberlin, OH training new ParaPlan clients as well. ParaPlan is growing and the future is very bright!

Simulating A Right-Click From The Keyboard

I have been doing quite a bit of LogMeIn (IT Reach and Rescue) lately and sometimes my mouse right-click does not work to get context menus.  Therefore, if you ever have this issue, just select the icon or item you need and press [Shift] [F10].  I am sure Tim could have told me this, but he wasn't here :)

The New Google Earth 4.3 StreetView is Ridiculous

I just installed the new Google Earth and it now features enhanced StreetView, which exists in Google Maps, but it is now even more high-res and wonderful.  Once you turn on StreetView in Google Maps, then drill down tight, you will see the following shiny balls to click and enjoy :) ha ha Once you click one of these, you get an impressive and dynamic view of the street you are now standing on.  (e.g. 1428 Grand in KCMO)... Download Google Earth 4.3 here:

acrosstheboard blog and twitter

Last night at the Kentucky Derby Casino benefit for visually impaired children in Kansas City, I met Ramsey Mohsen. Ramsey is a KU grad who writes my all-time favorite blog: I subscribe to him on so that his multiple daily posts just flow into my inbox every morning and I can start my day with a nice chuckle. His blog is obviously geared towards men in their 20's and 30' beware. I felt like a I had met a famous person and he is a very cool guy, here is a pic from last night: On another note, Tim thinks twitter is fun and set me up on it. Tim says it is 'like shouting into the crowd': You can follow me here: *i may start using this more i think! You can follow Tim here: You can follow Ramsey here: