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Last night at the Kentucky Derby Casino benefit for visually impaired children in Kansas City, I met Ramsey Mohsen. Ramsey is a KU grad who writes my all-time favorite blog:

I subscribe to him on so that his multiple daily posts just flow into my inbox every morning and I can start my day with a nice chuckle. His blog is obviously geared towards men in their 20's and 30' beware.

I felt like a I had met a famous person and he is a very cool guy, here is a pic from last night:

I met Ramsey Mohsen on the plaza

On another note, Tim thinks twitter is fun and set me up on it.
Tim says it is 'like shouting into the crowd':

You can follow me here: *i may start using this more i think!

You can follow Tim here:

You can follow Ramsey here:


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