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Integrated Mapping Warnings

A note to developers using Integrated mapping with MapInfo Products... 1) To launch MapInfo Runtime within VB code use: Set MI = CreateObject("MapInfo.Runtime") instead of: Set MI = CreateObject("MapInfo.Application") 2) Beware that common object calls may NOT be compatible with the host Mapinfo version. e.g. MI.Do "Set Map order 6,5,4,3,2,1" works with MapInfo 6.0, but not 7.8 Thus make sure to test all MapBasic code with the version matching your MapInfo pro version before using Integrated Mapping.

Integrated Mapping With MapInfo

Integrated Mapping is simply a term defining the use of a stand-alone GIS product within a custom application built in Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi, etc. We have used this technology since 1999 using VBA within Microsoft Access 2000 and Mapinfo Professional 5.5. It can be done with 2 lines of code: Public MI As Object Set MI = CreateObject("MapInfo.Application") To launch a custom Mapbasic Application: strApp = "C:\mbApp.mbx" MI.Do "Run Application """ & strApp & """" In 1999 this technology was very useful, enabling developers to launch MapBasic applications within their custom apps. However, as development environments have progressed, this outdated methodology can be very tasking and difficult to manage. This type of OLE automation can even be done with .NET as we have done with our GPS Control Room product. EnGraph will soon be implementing newer mapping components.

Make Windows Faster

From the PC Mag I talked about in my previous post, I learned about a way to make Windows XP perform better. I know Tim did the same thing to his computers recently, but I did it on my own and cannot believe the difference. You will lose the 'XP Styles' etc, but it is well worth it if you crank on computers all day... Right-click My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced Tab -> Performance Settings -> pick 'Adjust for best performance' ***then reboot and WOW! The speed of doing everything increased dramatically for me.

Maxthon Browser

On my trip to Pennsylvania I purchased the June 28, 2005 edition of PC Magazine . It had many good tips and tricks and new things for Windows users. I learned about the Maxthon Browser . It is truly incredible. It is everything I have every wanted in a web browser that runs on IE. I am sure Tim has already used it and tossed it, but I think it is incredible. It is free and there are enough options to keep you busy playing for days. Maxthon Internet Browser software is a powerful tabbed browser with a highly customizable interface. It is based on the Internet Explorer browser engine with many additional efficient features like... Tabbed Browsing Interface (multiple sites in 1 browser !!!) ***can't explain how much i love this Mouse Gestures Super Drag/Drop Save Web Text Tool Privacy Protection AD Hunter RSS Reader (so cool to have your feeds right there) Launch External Utility Bar Skins Tim got me onto RSS Bandit , but I like having everything in one place and this does it. So d