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The U.S. House Transit Bill (HR7) funded by new energy initiatives...

According to multiple sources, the House transportation bill – called the American Energy & Infrastructure Jobs Act – reauthorizes highway and transit programs for five years at around $52 billion per year, for a total of $260 billion. It seems likely that the bill would use revenue from oil and gas drilling fees.

Hipmunk for Travel!

Hipmunk is the coolest new travel site I found for Chrome!  I love the Gantt view...

The Jo, Day 3

Finally back on the bus!  It is just a nice way to start your day.  I don't worry about traffic, I just sit, talk, think and blog.  Gonna be a great day at EnGraph today!

The Jo, Day 1

Missed the 7:22, but made the 7:52 on Route D 546. Driver said he calls this The Joke, not The Jo.  He says they are tryin to make this a transit system, but they don't know how and they dont care about the poor people tryin to work at mcdonalds.  He said its a commuter system for the OP affluent. This guy on the bus keeps asking me for the time at each stop :)

Every star in our Milky Way galaxy has at least 1 planet

Every star in our galaxy has at least one planet orbiting it, according to a new study, which suggests that alien planets are far more common than we thought. The data suggests that each star hosts at least 1.6 planets. There are at least 100 billion stars in our galaxy, according to, which means that we probably share it with more than 160 billion alien planets. That estimate is a massive increase on the 700 planets astronomers have so far identified outside our solar system.

What's an Entrepreneur?

"Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled." - Howard Stevenson, Harvard Business School, Book: Breakthrough Entrepreneurship What's an Entrepreneur? The Best Answer Ever | LinkedIn