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And Win8 PC turned into a Chromebook

The Google Google Chrome Store just released a new section called 'For Your Desktop'.  So now I can install Chrome apps that run on my desktop in their own window which I love.  I am no longer tied into my browser frame.  I love moving my desktop apps around for many different reasons and now its a breeze with these new apps and I know they will be adding more.  Furthermore, with the Chrome App Launcher at the bottom-left of my desktop...voila! I have a 'pc with a start menu', but its a Chrome App Start Menu, not Windows.  I have also completely weened myself from MS Office entirely with Google Docs, Sheets & Slides.  I love everything Google does and now I don't really need Windows.  There is only one single reason I need Windows now... ParaPlan .  I can easily, however, run ParaPlan on a virtual PC via Chrome Remote Desktop, so there you go.