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And Win8 PC turned into a Chromebook

The Google Google Chrome Store just released a new section called 'For Your Desktop'.  So now I can install Chrome apps that run on my desktop in their own window which I love.  I am no longer tied into my browser frame.  I love moving my desktop apps around for many different reasons and now its a breeze with these new apps and I know they will be adding more.  Furthermore, with the Chrome App Launcher at the bottom-left of my desktop...voila! I have a 'pc with a start menu', but its a Chrome App Start Menu, not Windows.  I have also completely weened myself from MS Office entirely with Google Docs, Sheets & Slides.  I love everything Google does and now I don't really need Windows.  There is only one single reason I need Windows now...ParaPlan.  I can easily, however, run ParaPlan on a virtual PC via Chrome Remote Desktop, so there you go.


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Transferring Outlook Data

Tim showed me how to use the Microsoft 'Save My Office Settings' tool, which worked like a champ as I was setting up my new machine. So if you want to have the same settings, toolbar locations, rules, etc. on a different machine...just go to Microsoft Office Tools->Save My Settings. Then transfer that file (*.OPS) to the new machine and load it the same way, very nice. Now to Outlook... I wanted to transfer all of my outlook data to the new machine also, which required messing with the infamous 'outlook.pst' file. This file can be found at "C:\Documents and Settings\Kyle Archer\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\". I found out that PST stands for 'Personal Store' according to Microsoft. Anyway, this monster file contains all your emails, events, contacts, notes, etc. It can get quite large and mine was appraoching a Gig. Even when you clean out your junk mail, delete stuff then remove your 'Deleted Items', it doesn't do m

Google Play (Music) Keyboard Shortcuts

Space bar : play or pause music. Right/left arrows : next/previous songs. Shift+ right/left arrows : seek forward and backward S In the current song. /  :  search box Delete : delete track. p : create a new playlist. i -:make an instant mix from the current song. = : Increase the player volume. - : Decrease the player volume. Alt+= : thumbs up. Alt+- : thumbs down. s : Toggle shuffle on or off. r : Toggle repeat between off, all, and one. e : Edits the currently selected songs.

Simulating A Right-Click From The Keyboard

I have been doing quite a bit of LogMeIn (IT Reach and Rescue) lately and sometimes my mouse right-click does not work to get context menus.  Therefore, if you ever have this issue, just select the icon or item you need and press [Shift] [F10].  I am sure Tim could have told me this, but he wasn't here :)