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How EnGraph Got Started

I went to the University of Kansas and got a masters in Civil Engineering - from my studies in civil, I became good at AutoCad and became the teaching assistant for that class. From that background I taught myself AutoLISP (AutoCad language) and then took a class in it. That wet my appetite for programming and soon bought the student version of Visual Basic 2.0, which came on 3 floppies! My thesis advisor, Carl Kurt, had a company ( EnGraph ) on the side which sold plotting supplies and had developed some transportation add-ins and sdk's for the MapInfo platform. I did some work for EnGraph as a student, but took a job in engineering after graduating. After 2 years in Corporate America, I contacted Carl to see if he still wanted to grow EnGraph and he did. So I left the engineering firm and pursued entrepreneurship...and I am so glad I did. During my first week with EnGraph, we went to Florida for the 1999 MapInfo MapWorld Conference and displayed a booth of transportation software