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EnGraph Starts Code Overhaul

We have started re-writing the code in .NET for our flagship paratransit management application, ParaPlan . I am very excited about this endeavor and Tim is leading the development process, codename 'Goldstar'. Read his post about it here . I wrote the initial version in 1999 using VBA for Microsoft Access 2000. Carl wanted us to write it in FoxPro because he had some experience with it. I built some initial functions for the system in FoxPro, but I wanted to be in Access. Access 2000 had recently been released and I convinced Carl that it was in our best inerests to use a true Microsoft product. Some of the most significant issues I had to solve during the initial development of ParaPlan were: 1) Teaching myself ADO to access data in VB. 2) Using MapInfo in the background using OLE. 3) Getting custom controls to install properly on client machines. 4) Creating a successful install program. 5) Splitting the database to create a true multi-user application. 6) Using VB to cont

Tim, .NET, MapPoint, Google Earth

This has to be some of the coolest stuff I have seen in a while... Tim 's new baby... His Fly To Application. You will need to install Google Earth to experience it. I also noticed one national and one local TV News broadcast using Google Earth to show the audience locations on our planet.