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The Jayhawks Are NCAA Champs!

I don't really know how to write about the past season of college hoops, but I will try my best to put it into perspective for those who are part of the Jay hawk fanhood and those who are not.  It has been 3 weeks since KU won it all and now I think I can put my thoughts to paper. This is obviously a monster look out! ***I have many fun pics about the final four etc down below*** I was in high school in Olathe when KU won in 1988.  I liked the Jayhawks, but I never truly appreciated that win because my brother Craig was currently at KU, my Dad graduated from KU in 1964 and my Uncle before him..  At the time, I remember it being 'their' championship, not mine... if that makes any sense.  I was flooded with KU my entire life and for some reason I fought that a little bit (stupidly, btw).  I visited several Kansas universities my senior year in high school except KU: (Wichita State, K-State and Washburn).  I think I was excited about WSU and just wanted to be diff

Recent Client Visits

I went to Society for Equal Access ( SEA ) in New Philadelphia, OH to give them some advanced ParaPlan training:   Carl and I also had a pre-install meeting at Kingman Area Regional Transit ( KART ) in Kingman, AZ.  They operate 5 fixed routes that deviate up to 3/4 mi for Paratransit service.  Carl and I rode the YELLOW route to see this in action!

Birthday Parties

Peez turned 34 this month: Spoada met me, P and Patrick in Lawrence for some old school fun! *RED LYON   Tauni B turned 30 this month! Lindsey and BC getting their party on in OPP! *FOX N HOUND

2008 Royals Home Opener

Cold and wet, but the new scoreboard at The K is ridiculous!  We made it here after partying in Lawrence after the amazing Jayhawk National Championship win! The opener is an old Burns & Mac tradition and even some out-of-towners showed up! Allie, Stacy and Margie (April 8, 2008)