Latest EnGraph Install in Jonesboro

Carl and I visited the City Of Jonesboro Arkansas Transit last week to install 2 EnGraph transportation software products; ParaPlan Lite and RiderTrac. These products support the management of paratransit and fixed route transportation services, respectively. Jonesboro (a town of 70,000) does not yet have public transportation, but they are starting brand new service on May 4, 2006. EnGraph was a crucial piece in getting this endeavor accomplished. I really like how both Carl and I can offer more than software now. We have been to over 35 different transportation providers since 1999 and we can now provide sound advice and recommendations regarding the service they provide.

The Director of Transportation, Joel Edwards, is coordinating every aspect of the project, from Advertising to driver training. Joel has been on the forefront of several local papers and news stations, read about it here. They procured 5 Ford E-450's from Ward Transportation and they are naming the new system JETS (Jonesboro Economical Transit System). They were building bus stops while we were there, among many other things. Joel has a great staff behind him: Monica, Callie, Janice and Bill. The IT staff was very helpful and organized. I was very impressed with their system as a whole and the current status of each workstation. We are very excited to be a part of Jonesboro's advancement to the next level.


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