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A Moment To Post...

I missed October somehow, but a lot has been going on.  Allie is pregnant!... and I will have some sweet ultrasound pics in 3 weeks.  We are due on April 16 09. 

I also went to the Arkansas Transit trade show by myself for the first time in Little Rock, AR.  It was an awesome experience for me because I was the only software vendor at the show and I am also good friends with the regulars.  Here is a pic of me and Russ Parish of the ATA....

Me & Russ at the ATA Conf

Russ and I became friends back in 2001, when Carl and I first attended the Arkansas Transit Show.  Russ is a trainer for the ATA and drives his state daily to visit transit sites and train their clients on everything from drug and alcohol testing to wheelchair tie-down instruction.  He received a national award from the FTA for his service this year too!  very cool

We also had a ParaPlan Pro install at Sheridan MiniBus in Sheridan, WY!


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