When the Levees Broke

We watched Spike Lee's new documentary (When the Levees Broke) about Hurricane Katrina on HBO tonight. Part 2 is on Tuesday, so check it out if you can.

I have several emotions and things to say about it, but I know I can say this, "You should all see it." It is very racially presented, which is in part most likely true, its just SO SO hard for me to see it. I see it as a great tragedy that I am saddened and ashamed of. This film showed me things that I had never seen before regarding the disaster. I think, like me, most people stopped watching after the media stopped covering it, but there was much much more that happened afterwards and I suspect is still happening.

The thing that I cannot believe was the conflict between Mayor Nagin (aka Drew Gooden:) and the Governor of Louisiana. They had political differences that may have led to this debacle. George Bush should have stepped in earlier for sure and he is obviously portrayed in this film as a smiling goofball. My question is..."Why don't senators ever step up during these things?"

The one simple truth is that... I hope we take care of our own better next time.


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