My Computer Is Dragging

I have been a proud owner of a Dell Inspiron 5150 for almost 3 years. It has been very good to me, but after many years of abuse and one is time to go. This machine has been grinding the hardrive for quite some time. I have just dealt with it, but when I go to office.update, I receive the below error. My issues are (I believe) these missing MSP files...

Microsoft had some choices for solutions, but I chose to get a new computer....

Office Update is unable to check for updates

The Office Update site is unable to check for updates on this computer. This may be happening because of one of the following reasons:
You do not have administrative privileges for this computer.

There is a network problem and the detection catalog used by the Office Update site failed to download. Go back to the Downloads home page and try running detection again.
Windows Installer patch files (.MSP files) from previously applied Office updates are missing from the \Windows\Installer hidden directory on your computer. MSP files are stored on your computer after update installation completes because they need to be referenced for future update operations. If the files are missing you will not be able to apply Office updates. You may also be unable to uninstall Office products as a result of the same problem. Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services for assistance.

You installed Office updates in the past and then upgraded from Windows Installer version 1.0 to Windows Installer version 1.1. For more information see the KB article Windows Installer May Prompt for Install Source if Unavailable.


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