US Soccer Has One Last Chance

If you watched the US v Italy game and were as appalled as I was about the referee, then please post your disgust here. We tied the world famous Italian National Team with one less man in the second half. The World Cup refs have been pretty good, but this guy was amazing. One of their players elbowed Brian McBride and was tossed. We played a man-up for about 15 minutes, then just before halftime, Pablo Mastroeni of the US got an insane red card for a slide tackle. The announcers thought it was terrible and a 'make-up' call. Score was 1-1. Then it got crazy 2 minutes into the second half when Eddie Pope of the US got his second yellow card and ejected for a slide tackle. I was beside myself because now we had to play one of the best teams a man-down for an entire half. We played great and kept them out of the goal and kept our chances alive.

Anyway, the US must beat Ghana on Thursday morning to have ANY chance of advancing to the next round of 16 teams.

Current Point Standings for Group E: (top 2 teams advance)
Italy: 4
Czech Rep: 3
Ghana: 3
USA: 1

If Italy beats the Czech Republic on Thursday and we win, then we are IN!!! If the Czech's win and we win, then it goes to a 'goal differential' between us and Italy. If Italy and Czech tie, then it goes to a 'goal differential' between us and Czech. Therefore, unless we beat Ghana by 3 goals, then we really need Italy to win (in a nutshell of course).