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My Visual Studio Experience - Episode 1

As an engineer who loved programming, I learned VB v3 back in 1993 and developed many apps for classes and work etc. I built ParaPlan using VBA because it provided me immediate data access that I found very easy to use.

As EnGraph has grown, we need to step out of these bounds and build better software. Tim has been building all our new components in .NET for 3 years now. I am teaching myself .NET 05 with help so we can provide a new vehicle maintenance module for our clients.

I am working on the UE first, just to get a feel of Visual Studio and I have to say this is incredible. Tips pop up helping me all the time and intellisense is rockin my world. Things would have been easier with this framework 7 years ago. Anyway, I am currently battling with tabs, panels, lists, menus, etc. and just learning how basic controls work. I am excited to create a 'modern' looking software solution for our new and existing clients. Stay tuned for screen shots etc!


dru said…
Way to go Kyle. Keep the .Net love flowing.

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