GPS, Maps, Whatever...

This is a compilation post of some cool stuff happening lately:

Tim is going to South Carolina for a Code Camp with Jeff, John, Joseph and Dru. These guys are renting a van and driving to Greenville this week. There are gonna post pics on Where's Tim via flickr and several podcasts, so be sure and check these cool-nerds out during their road trip!

  • Guardian recently threw up an article about GPS uses and interviewed Tim for most of their quotes and information. Read the article here.
  • I also really like this blog called The Map Room, so check it out perhaps.
  • Microsoft now has a 'service' to show you on a map where hotspots are near you...view it here.
  • I have also recently tested the Microsoft MapPoint OCX with our legacy ParaPlan software inside Access VBA and it works like a champ! More info soon!


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