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GPS, Maps, Whatever...

This is a compilation post of some cool stuff happening lately:

Tim is going to South Carolina for a Code Camp with Jeff, John, Joseph and Dru. These guys are renting a van and driving to Greenville this week. There are gonna post pics on Where's Tim via flickr and several podcasts, so be sure and check these cool-nerds out during their road trip!

  • Guardian recently threw up an article about GPS uses and interviewed Tim for most of their quotes and information. Read the article here.
  • I also really like this blog called The Map Room, so check it out perhaps.
  • Microsoft now has a 'service' to show you on a map where hotspots are near you...view it here.
  • I have also recently tested the Microsoft MapPoint OCX with our legacy ParaPlan software inside Access VBA and it works like a champ! More info soon!


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Tim showed me how to use the Microsoft 'Save My Office Settings' tool, which worked like a champ as I was setting up my new machine. So if you want to have the same settings, toolbar locations, rules, etc. on a different machine...just go to Microsoft Office Tools->Save My Settings. Then transfer that file (*.OPS) to the new machine and load it the same way, very nice. Now to Outlook... I wanted to transfer all of my outlook data to the new machine also, which required messing with the infamous 'outlook.pst' file. This file can be found at "C:\Documents and Settings\Kyle Archer\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\". I found out that PST stands for 'Personal Store' according to Microsoft. Anyway, this monster file contains all your emails, events, contacts, notes, etc. It can get quite large and mine was appraoching a Gig. Even when you clean out your junk mail, delete stuff then remove your 'Deleted Items', it doesn't do m

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