EnGraph Has A Great Day

Lots of positive things happened in one day (today) at EnGraph HQ...

  1. Tim selected a new Wireless Router for our office by Linksys that boosts comp-to-comp file transfer by 35%.
  2. I got a sweet new roller laptop bag by Targus and my Dell Laptop KU Skin (pics coming).
  3. Our largest existing client wants to buy RiderTrac, our fixed route transportation software.
  4. Carl and Mark sold a HUGE new job in Arkansas!
  5. Amy is cold calling and having much success!
  6. Mark just got a great lead in Louisiana.
  7. Tim and I are going to the Heartland .NET Developers Conference in Omaha, NE.
  8. Tim is replicating a client env at his own home with workstations, servers, gps hardware, etc.
  9. Several invoices came in.
  10. Tim and I got a sweet 'goodcents' lunch discount from his roomy Evan!


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