A Cool Tech Travel Day

From Evernote:

A Cool Tech Travel Day

Well I am in Columbus for the Ohio Transit Show and got woken up by this...

However, before this, I had a great day traveling here because of all the cool tech things that happened.  I drove to KCI Parking Spot (as usual) and had to park by the fence because the are finally resurfacing their TERRIBLE lot :)

So I go through security and this nice lady sets out a bin for me, I get thru into the Southwest gate area and find a comfy seat.  I think to myself, I should charge my stuff...so low and behold in the console by my nice chair are 4 plug-ins!  Thanks Southwest 

So I check Google Now on my phone and see that they have already prepared cards for my flight info and hotel :)

So that was very awesome, then I grab a sandwich at Potbelly in Midway and move on to here, Columbus.  I get my rental car from Budget/Avis, a nice red Chevy Cruze.  I get in, open that console and see a USB jack.  I plug in my iPhone and this immediately pops up on screen:

Apparently I had just connected to Chevy MyLink and my Siri directions also came thru the speakers.  WOW COOL

Get to hotel and tell the boys (Tim and Brett) that I had arrived at the show.  Tim tells me he already knew that - because he was following my geographic progress via ParaPlan Mobile :)

I go down to conference and set up our booth:

I then have a great chat with my good buddy Regan from HybriDrive at the opening event pizza social!

Nice day.


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