KU vs Kent State

Allie and I decided late to go to the game in Lawrence and a couple cool things happened at the game last Monday.

Beware Of The Phog

#1 With just 0.2 seconds left in the 1st half, KU had an inboud alley-oop to Cole to end the half and we all went nutz of course.  Then as the teams left the court for halftime, they put the following clip on the jumbotron...


Then right after Farley says, "That was awesome!", they replayed Cole's dunk several times.  Kinda sweet.

#2 During a 2nd half timeout... they played the now infamous 4th&7 play by KU vs Mizzou at the 08 Arrowhead game.  After the crowd went crazy, they zoomed the jumbotron to Todd Reesing who was in attendance and we all gave him a standing O for a couple minutes.  Kinda sweeter.


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