My Fun New Mobile Music Devices

I have been talking about HD radio for a long time, but never pulled the trigger. Tim (who is now engaged! btw) got me this perfect new DUAL HD car radio for Christmas...*probably so I would shut up about it all :)


It is perfect for me because it does everything I want:  supports HD radio, displays song info on HD stations, plays CD-R/RW CD's, plays MP3/WMA CD's, has a front USB connection to play MP3's from a mass storage device and it is Bluetooth capable.  Nice!

I had it installed at Best Buy and bought myself some nice new Alpine speakers too!  Anyway, the ability to plug in a thumb drive and play music is awesome.  However, I wanted an MP3 player that i could plug into my computer in a USB port, then transfer files easily using Windows Media Player, then take it with me when i go 'run', then also plug it into my new car stereo...and so Tim help me find the SanDisk Sansa Express 2GB MP3 Player for just $50 on amazon...


All this in time for my long drive to Jonesboro, AR to visit our clients at the East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging!

Everything with this setup is perfect except for the fact that I have to turn my MP3 player on and off again after I use it in my car stereo.  Not that big a deal, but if I figure it out...I just might blog about it!


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