Microsoft Access 2007 and Word 2007

I recently bashed Microsoft Access 2007, but the product does have 2 nice new features...

  1. You can now scroll within the VBA code window.
  2. The mousewheel no longer scrolls through records on your forms.

You can run the exact same database in Access 2003 and then in Access 2007 and notice these 2 scrolling changes immediately.  These would have been very very useful even back on Access 2000 for crying out loud, but oh well.

Word 2007 is really cool actually...

  1. Web page editing is nice and intuitive.
  2. Inserting drawings and pictures is seriously amazing.
  3. You can change your inserted pictures quickly and add fun shadows etc., which I of course like.
  4. Working with tables is SO MUCH EASIER!

I am loving the Word 2007...word!


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