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Vista, Office 2007 and Internet Explorer 7

On January 6, 2007, Tim talked me into paving my new laptop with Windows Vista and Office 2007 on the knowledge that it was necessary for our company. It is very good for a company to have people like Tim AND people like me. My first reaction to Vista was complete awe. Us Windows die-hards are not used to the pretty interface like on a Mac, but we have it now...VISTA IS BEAUTIFUL!

I have waited to post about my Vista experience because my initial reaction changed after the first day of use. Vista is very pretty to look at, but when you actually try to use it, you realize it is very very different. Not that much different, but just enough to make it a tad difficult. I have now been playing with this new wonderful OS for about 3 weeks now...and all I can say is...Vista will eventually show you the way if you give it a chance. It is almost like they are telling us 'This is how we wanted computers to work for 25 years now'. After many growing pains, I have found Vista to be the most stable, helpful and intuitive creature I have ever used. However, working with files is much different and you can only play around with your own documents (which is an entire other post about the new UAC).

Regarding IE 7, it is growing on me. I have been an IE 6 + Maxthon user for quite sometime, but in my attempts to 'clean up' my user experience to only Microsoft products...I am finding IE 7 does actually meet my needs. I think Maxthon was the inventor of tabbed browsing, but IE 7 makes a nice attempt at that, but still the 'drag-link-new tab' feature of Maxthon is DEARLY missed. I have yet to find a way to absolutely prevent new browsers from popping up regardless of a CTRL+click or not, but it will happen I think. I miss many features of Maxthon, but I am overcoming it :).

Regarding Office is wonderful as well. These new 'ribbons' are as cool as I previewed, but it takes a while to get used to them. Access 2007 sucks compared to 03 in my opinion, but maybe I will come around. It seems they added no real functionality at all, just made it harder to find the functions you need...and the new 'sidebar' database window SUCKS btw.

Anyway...more to come as I forcefully continue my transformation to the new world.


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