Depeche Mode Disappoints Kansas City

One of my all time favorite bands came back to Kansas City for their new tour last night. They were playing at one of our nicer outdoor theatres called Starlight. I even got Allie fired up for it by making her a CD of previous set list songs. Tickets were outrageous, but oh well, I love em. The night started off a tad bit odd because a) it was chilly and b) She Wants Revenge started at 7:40pm and not the show start time of 8PM. Then my boys came on with a fun loud techno Intro then went into 'A Pain That I Am Used To'. Things were great for 5 songs until front man David Gahan made them stop the song 'Stripped' after 1 minute and start over. I found that odd, but oh well, they finished the song and it was great.

Then David walked off stage and Martin Gore sang 2 songs, which is completely normal. Then, they started 'In Your Room' for 10 seconds then cut it off, a roadie came out and told us that 'we cannot continue because we seemed to have lost our front man'. The crowd gasped and boo'ed. Roadies runnin' around everywhere, then Martin and Fletch tried to calm us down and Martin did 4 more songs on his own. He sang 'Leave In Silence' which I of course knew by heart and hadn't be performed live in the states since 1985 I guess. Then we thought that maybe Dave would come back or Martin would sing more popular DM songs or something, but NO. Another roadie guy came out and said 'we are sorry but the show is over, thanks for your support.'

Here was our final set list after the maylay of re-arranging:
1. Intro
2. A Pain that I'm Used To
3. A Question of Time
4. Suffer Well
5. Precious
6. Walking in My Shoes
7. Stripped (*Restart*) *Dave Gahan leaves stage
8. Home
9. It Doesn't Matter Two
9.1 In Your Room *10 second start, then nothing
*Announcement that... 'we have lost our front man'
*Then all Martin Gore...
10. Leave in Silence
11. A Question of Lust
12. Somebody
13. Damaged People
*Announcement that... 'we have to cut it short this evening, sorry.'

Therefore, Kansas City got half a show at best. (more like a 1/3)
Anyway, I heard there is a petition online somewhere to get them to refund our money or come back to KC and honor our ticket stubs. When I find it, I'll let you know.

Reasons for David's exit have included the following:
-David is on drugs again
-David was hungover from his 44th birthday party the night before
-David pooped his pants
-David had stomach flu from being in Mexico the night before
-David collapsed backstage
-David was mad the venue was half full
-David got attacked by a flying bat

Then I read today that they canceled their Chicago show tonight because David has laryngitis. So at this point, who knows what happened.

I still love their stuff and would like them to come back to KC this summer.

Tim found a post about the evening here.


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