Roy Wins

I have to say that I am happy for Roy Williams finally winning the national championship. I went to KU from 1990 to 1997 and he was an icon in Lawrence. I take solace in the fact that I still believe he would have rather won it at KU. Had that happened, however, I feel he may have left KU sooner and I am glad he stayed as long as he did. The roots of where you went to school are very strong and Roy did not go to KU, he went to UNC.

For the people who protested for the firing of Bill Self should look at his record and what he said when he took the job. He said that KU was always where he wanted to coach. He took Tulsa from nobody to somebody and essentially took Illinois (partly) to their first national championship game. Bill is easily a top 10 coach in the nation and we are lucky to have him. Roy kinda tore our family apart 2 years ago, but now it will be Bill's and he will bring one home for the Hawk faithful.


Anonymous said…
Roy - OK
Anonymous said…
I personally think that Roy is a highfalutin ass, and i am tremendously pissed that he beat the beloved Fighting Illini and crushed their destiny to win the national championship.

If the illini had one millionth of a point for each time the annoucers stroked off for Sean May, they would have won handily and broken some records.

Oh well.