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My current posting routine (for now)

I am trying to simplify my social media life and in the process got more and more confused.  I use the following operating systems:
  1. Windows 8 on my PC
  2. Android 4.0 on my Galaxy SII
  3. iOS 6 on my iPad
  4. Chrome on my PC (browser/OS)
It is getting increasingly more confusing and I have a desire to pick just one.  Each of these has their own App Store and user experience.  Thus I have found it nice to use applications that work well on all four.

For example here is my current method of posting something to the social media world...
  • I post to Tumblr (text, photo, link or quote)
  • Tumblr posts to Twitter
  • Tumblr posts to Facebook
  • Tumblr posts to LinkedIn via ifttt
This single post method to Tumblr updates all of my important social networks, but my Blogger, Google+ and ClipIt remain seperate.  Furthermore, RebelMouse shows all my social updates together in a very nice view.

Other apps...
I use Google Music, Amazon MP3, Pandora, GrooveShark and Spotify for tunes.
I use Evernote, Google Tasks and Google Calendar for most everything.
I use DropBox, SugarSync, Box, SkyDrive, Picasa, ZeroPC and Google Drive for my files and pics.
I use Google Reader, FlipBoard and Pocket for news and information.
I use Contactually, Boomerang and Insightly as my CRM tools.
I use Google Voice as my business phone.


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