Hurricane Katrina Thoughts

We all know that none of us have ever really seen devastation like this. I saw an interview with a man who told the story of losing grip on his wife while holding their kids and she said, "Take care of the kids." He couldn't hold on to her and he just said, "She's gone, she's gone." The reporter started balling...I have just never seen anything like this since 9-11.

News is saying it is like Hiroshima...well its just hard for me to realize right now that we intentionally did that to Japan. I know it was a crucial decision to end WWII, but right now it seems like a crime against humanity.

I think Joe Scarborough can be quite the right-wing punk sometimes on MSNBC, but he is doing the best job of being a real person while giving us information on this disaster and I admire that.

Please donate to the American Red Cross.


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