How EnGraph Got Started

I went to the University of Kansas and got a masters in Civil Engineering - from my studies in civil, I became good at AutoCad and became the teaching assistant for that class. From that background I taught myself AutoLISP (AutoCad language) and then took a class in it. That wet my appetite for programming and soon bought the student version of Visual Basic 2.0, which came on 3 floppies!

My thesis advisor, Carl Kurt, had a company (EnGraph) on the side which sold plotting supplies and had developed some transportation add-ins and sdk's for the MapInfo platform. I did some work for EnGraph as a student, but took a job in engineering after graduating.

After 2 years in Corporate America, I contacted Carl to see if he still wanted to grow EnGraph and he did. So I left the engineering firm and pursued entrepreneurship...and I am so glad I did. During my first week with EnGraph, we went to Florida for the 1999 MapInfo MapWorld Conference and displayed a booth of transportation software for their platform. (pic)

From that start we now have over 40 clients using our software and have added Tim Hibbard as a software architect. He has migrated us from Access and VBA to .NET and SQL Server and the future looks very bright for EnGraph.


Anonymous said…
Nice...are you going to tell them how you built the new office with your own hands?
Anonymous said…
Tim I thought you helped Kyle with that? At least in the pictures it looked like you did a lot of work... don't sell yourself short.

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