The EnGraph Horizon

There are several exciting things happening at EnGraph these days...

Marketing and Sales:
  • Mark Connolly, Director of Marketing, will be attending the Kansas Transit Association conference and trade show in Wichita, KS on August 7-8.
  • Amy Phalen, Director of Sales, has been fiercely streamlining our marketing and sales efforts.
  • Tim will be speaking about AJAX and GPS technologies at the INETA Code Camp in South Carolina on September 15-17.
  • Carl Kurt, President, will be attending the Dakota Transit Association conference and trade show on September 24-25.
  • I will be installing a new system in Ohio and providing advanced training for our existing ParaPlan clients in Albany, GA.
  • Carl and I will be attending the Arkansas Transit Association conference and trade show on October 2-4 in Eureka Springs, AR.

Software Development:
  • Carl and David have several upcoming meetings regarding our new AutoCAD development project.
  • Tim is working on a unique Where's Tim solution for an entirely new market, stay tuned to Tim's blog.
  • For ParaPlan, our flagship paratransit software system: New Jersey 5310 Quarterly Program Report, Route Logs Multi-Select, new .NET Vehicle Preventative Maintenance System, and new mileage range based billing reports


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