Saturday, October 22, 2005

EnGraph's ParaPlan Pro AVL Unleashed!

After Tim and I enjoyed making the sequel to "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles"...we safely made it to San Angelo, TX on Sunday, October 16, 2005. (albeit 9 hours late thanks to Continental Airlines)

Concho Valley Rural Transit District has been a progressive client of ours since 2002. They started with our entry-level product, ParaPlan Lite with an Access backend, then updgraded to ParaPlan Pro SQL and have now upgraded to ParaPlan Pro AVL.

ParaPlan Pro AVL is our premier Paratransit management application. With this turnkey solution users can...

  • Take and manage client appointments quickly
  • Dispatch each trip to any route or driver
  • Generate efficient computer-assisted route schedules
  • Transmit those schedules electronically to each vehicle's MDT
  • Monitor routes in real-time using the EnGraph GPS Control Room
  • Communicate with each driver using the EnGraph Mobile Messenger
  • Reconcile actual arrival times and mileages with accurate GPS data
  • Review the actual route from any day on a digital map

This solution developed by EnGraph is provided by a combination of powerful partners...

We also implemented Air-Trak's Clouberry SatCom Upgrade as the communication network since their service area covers 16,000 rural square miles.

Along with these technologies, ParaPlan Pro AVL is 100% reliable due to the synergy of the following products architected by Tim Hibbard...

  • EnGraph GPS Manager Client
  • EnGraph GPS Manager Server
  • EnGraph GPS Control Room
  • EnGraph Mobile Messenger

The buzz about this solution has already started!
Check out this post from the Ontario Emperor technology blog..(link)

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