Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Holidays ! ! !

Wishing everyone out there a...

Wonderful Holiday
Happy New Year!
- Allie & Kyle
Don't forget about Allie's 30th tonight at the Velvet Dog!
Stop by If you can...7pm and on...

Monday, December 19, 2005

Visiting EnGraph Clients in Salem, NJ

I spent the week of Dec. 11 at the Salem County Office On Aging in Salem, NJ. They operate rural transportation services for the entire county using ParaPlan GPS. They have a main dispatching office and remote sites that upload GPS data everyday using EnGraph GPS Control Room and GPS Manager designed by Tim Hibbard. They needed some advanced training for 2 new users and some reporting services. We both learned a lot about the uses of ParaPlan.

Here is their office in the white building at 98 Market Street. The building was built in 1790!

EnGraph Holiday Party

During a wonderful dinner at Paisano's, I presented the Where's Tim T-Shirt Version 1.0 to the company. I recommended that we all wear them as often as possible to promote what we can do. Tim and Chelsea had to leave the bowling tournament Carl and I made a funny pic...

Everyone loved the shirts!

Tim talks about them here and here.

Anyway, Carl also gave away the EnGraph Holiday Sporting Champion Trophy also. Mark won the 2-game bowling tournament with a combined score of 117+160 = 277. I was 2nd place with a 223.

EnGraph Holiday Sport Champions:
2005-Mark Connolly
2004-Mark Connolly
2003-Judy Kurt

It will be mine next year!

Get Your Blogs Via Email!

Tim was just over today working in the KC Office and not only is he slowly becoming a Maxthon fan, but he liked my use of FeedBlitz. FeedBlitz is a service that lets you subscribe to blogs and it will send you and email with content when new posts occur. Very nice for people like me who use Outlook like an extra appendage.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

EnGraph's ParaPlan Featured

ParaPlan, our flagship 'Paratransit Management Application' will be featured in the Winter issue of the Dakota Transit Association Magazine. I'd like to thank Gary Hegland at the Dakota Transit Center for adding us to the magazine.